25 7 / 2014

Peach Hand Pies and My New Bicycle #peaches #dessert #kitchenjoy

Breaking news! I got a bicycle! If you read my recent post about Settling In, you already know I was on mission to get my hands (and feet) on one. Hubby made it easy. He just showed up with one the other night. Now I just need to practice not bumping the bell when I use my brakes. I already draw enough attention around here, I definitely don’t need to be ringing my bell too.

Bluebell. She's blue and she has a bell. Mind-blowing name choice, right?

Bluebell. She’s blue…

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22 7 / 2014

Settling In {Life in Italy} #frommittentoboot #lifeinItaly #kitchenjoy


Welcome to my first post in my {Life in Italy} series about our adventures here in Italy. Here I will share my raw and truthful account of adjusting to a different culture and a few lessons learned so far.

Venice ~ July 19, 2014

Venice ~ July 19, 2014

Disclaimer: I am merely sharing what has proven to be true for me in the area of Italy where I am living. I cannot and don’t pretend to speak for an entire…

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16 7 / 2014

Today is the day! 3 checked bags plus 2 carry-ons plus 2 laptop cases plus one eager couple equals a fun adventure over the next few months. I’ve got lots of ideas and dreams for what all I would like to see/do/learn/accomplish during this time, but nothing is set in stone so only time will tell what we might find ourselves up to. I can tell you this though, there will be food. Lots and lots of…

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11 7 / 2014

Don’t let the name fool you…this frosty treat has nothing to do with Beantown. It is a Michigan creation through and through– specifically from Detroit. “Boston” refers to Boston Boulevard, the street near where James Vernor (inventor of Vernors) operated a pharmacy and soda fountain. While a Boston Cooler only requires two ingredients, it is very important that you choose those ingredients…

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09 7 / 2014

Some traditions are not meant to be tampered with. For example, the same huge group of friends and family from our church have gone camping together over the week of the 4th of July for my entire life. The past 20 plus years of that has been in the exact same campsites at the same campground. It crossed my mind more than once last week how unique it is that since Hubby and I grew up together, we…

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07 7 / 2014

For me, churros will always be synonymous with high school final exams. Strange, right? My high school always served churros in between final exams at the end of every semester. The smell of cinnamon-sugar coated goodness would fill the halls and signal the arrival of sweet freedom. By the time I visited Spain after my sophomore year, I had practically consumed the equivalent of my body weight in…

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02 7 / 2014

On Moving to Italy and Finally Getting a Visa

Have you ever found yourself wondering questioning the significance of an impending opportunity? When there’s something new looming, and you have that deep-down gut feeling that it’s going to turn your life on its head? It’s a difficult feeling to shake, and while you don’t necessarily want to rid yourself of the feeling altogether, you also feel like you need to maintain your grasp on reality…

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30 6 / 2014

Cherry Almond Coffee Cake #recipe

Coffee cake is so pretty that it doesn’t seem overly un-dainty to eat several helpings of it in one sitting, right? This recipe for Cherry Almond Coffee Cake is my twist on the version that is made by my family’s favorite local bakery. (I may or may not have one of theirs sitting in front of me right now, thanks to an aunt who knows that manning a yard sale requires baked goods for survival.) The…

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27 6 / 2014

Summer is in full swing around here. I am currently manning the cashier table at our yard sale as I write this. Let it be know that this will be the one and only yard sale I ever host. Don’t get me wrong, I like yard sales, but they’re so humbling. There’s something about spending countless painstaking hours placing a value on your possessions, only to have strangers dicker about nickels and…

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25 6 / 2014

{New} Spinach Mushroom Skillet Lasagna #nobake #onepan #recipe #vegetarian

Three weeks from today I will be on a plane with my Hubby headed across the ocean to live in Italy for a few months. Let’s just say that I’ve got LOTS to do between now and then, but I don’t want to skimp on home cooking either. That’s where this recipe comes in. Spinach Mushroom Skillet Lasagna is filled with fresh ingredients and is hearty and filling enough that even the most passionate…

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