24 9 / 2014

A Visit to Paris & A New Cookbook

I don’t know where to begin. Paris was amazing. To say that I am completely smitten would be an understatement. We somehow managed to see a tremendous amount in such a short time, without getting too exhausted to enjoy our surroundings. And the food. Oh my goodness. The food. And the pastries. All the pastries. There was nowhere near enough time to do a proper tasting of all the pastries that…

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19 9 / 2014


If there’s one thing I thought would be easier to get used to while living here, it would be the lack of conversation. In two months, I have only spoken to my husband of course, and my family a few times via Skype. Everything else is patchy Italian for survival. While I’m definitely not lacking for things to do, it’s tough to rid yourself of the feeling that life is going on without you back at…

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17 9 / 2014

This technique has been on my to-try list for ages. I wish I had a good reason for putting it off so long, but we’re making up for lost time. We may or may not have enjoyed three fish prepared this way in the past week alone. It is incredibly easy to do, and in my experience, turns out perfectly every time.

Whole Fish Baked in Salt Crust - Kitchen Joy

If you happen to have a nice oven-proof serving platter available, I would encourage you…

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15 9 / 2014

There’s this rumor going around the Internet that there is a threat of a Nutella shortagelooming…Well, I guess I owe you all an apology then. My Nutella comsumption has increased sevenfold since we arrived in Italy. Why? I’m not sure. It could be that it’s so delicious, and the Italian version seems somehow creamier than the kind we have in the States. It could also be that it is less expensive…

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12 9 / 2014

I love bakeries. I wish I could live in one. Seriously. The next best thing to living in a bakery is baking where you live, I suppose. Baking bread, especially Italian bread, can be tricky in a home oven. It’s tough to get the temperature hot enough for it to turn out with the correct crust and texture as in a commercial oven. Side note: Did you know that commercial bakery ovens reach up to 800…

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11 9 / 2014


Please visit me at kitchenjoyblog.com for all sorts of recipes and food-related adventures. Thank you!

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10 9 / 2014

All meat sauces are not created equal. While there’s nothing wrong with tossing some ground beef into your favorite tomato sauce, there happens to be a much better, more authentic way to prepare a meat sauce that will sort of take your breath away. Believe me– this is coming from the person who likes ground meat less than just about anybody I know. One caveat: It is a labor of love. Nothing…

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08 9 / 2014

Foodie Field Trip: Rialto Market - Kitchen JoyOne of our favorite things to do when we visit other cities is to check out the markets. Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market, Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, Los Angeles’ The Original Farmer’s Market, etc. We love them all. It will come as no surprise then that the Rialto Market was at the top of my list of markets to visit while we are living in Italy. I wasted no time in making…

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05 9 / 2014

Zeppole http://wp.me/p46vYC-1ck

Fried dough. It sounds so plain and mundane, but when you think about it–the possibilities are endless. Countless regions around the world have their own versions of fried dough that are part of their culinary heritage. Beignets in New Orleans. Churros in Mexico. Sufganiya are enjoyed in Israel and around the world in celebration of Hanukkah. Bomboloni in Tuscany. Oliebollen are enjoyed in the…

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04 9 / 2014

Polenta is a staple in Italian cooking. I must admit though, I am late to the polenta party. I don’t love creamy polenta served in a bowl. It reminds me too much of cream of wheat, and the texture is just not my favorite. That being said, I do love the flavor, which is where baked polenta comes in. I just love baked polenta. The boring texture issue is resolved by encapsulating the delicious…

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